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Founded in 1970, TOSARYU is a woodworking company located in the mountains of  Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Using sustainable methods of production, TOSARYU makes a variety of functional household products from locally sourced Shimanto Hinoki, a type of Japanese cypress known for its high anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects due to its rich oil content. Without any use of artificial desiccants and chemical substances, TOSARYU spends between 3 to 6 months drying their wood naturally to ensure that the products they make are safe and retain its original functions. Keeping the forest healthy and the rivers clean through responsible thinning, TOSARYU strives to reuse lumber scraps and leaves for their products to reduce CO₂ emission. Made of Shimanto hinoki scrap wood produced in the manufacturing process of their products, TOSARYU originally blends finely shaved Shimanto hinoki flakes, finely ground hinoki chips, essential oil, and dried leaves from thinned cypress trees. Packed in a non-woven fabric pouch, these hinoki flake scent bags are great for closets, shoe cabinets, and showers for a refreshing aroma.

4.75" W x 7.9" L x 0.7" D
12 cm W x 20 cm L x 1.8 cm D