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Designed by cast iron artist Rikucho Ogasawara, the former head of OGASAWARA CHUZOSHO founded in 1916 by his father in Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.  As the son of the traditional Nambu Tekki craftsman, Rikucho followed his father's footsteps at the age of 16, carrying on the techniques passed down for generations to create modern ironware until his passing in 2012. This iron fish pan is ideal for grilling fish as the name implies, but is also an exceptional tool for all kinds of cooking from stir frying, deep frying, steaming, to stewing. Renowned for enhancing the natural flavors of the ingredients and fortifying them with iron, Nambu Tekki cookware distributes heat evenly and retains it well. The beauty of handcrafted cast ironware lies in the process of making, with the sand mold built each time only to be used once. After the molten iron hand-poured into the cavity cools and solidifies, the mold is broken away to release the cast inside, making each piece slightly different and one of a kind. Highly durable and made solely from natural resources without using any chemicals, Nambu ironware eventually returns to the earth, friendly not just to humans but also to the environment.  

12" W x 7.25" D x 2" H (13.1" D with handle)
29.8 cm W x 18 cm D x 4.9 cm H (33.2 cm D with handle)

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  • After rinsing with warm water while the pan is still warm, place over a gentle flame and let the water dry completely
  • Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the pan and wipe thoroughly with a paper towel
  • Do not let it soak in water for long periods of time 
  • Do not store food on the pan (especially acidic and salty food) as it may cause rusting
  • Handle with care as ironware are heavy
  • Use oven mitts when handling hot pan
  • Using cleansers and metal scrubbers may cause peeling
  • Wooden cooking tools are recommended to prevent scratching