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Made with sumac wax sourced from the seeds of Haze plants, each Japanese candle is handcrafted in Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture of Japan using traditional techniques. Founded in 1848 and spanning over six generations, OMORI WAROSOKU is the only company in Ehime that manufactures Japanese candles today. Unlike general candles that are mass-produced by machines using paraffin from petroleum, Japanese candles use 100% natural materials and handwork, allowing production in only limited amounts. The solid wick formed by wrapping Washi (Japanese paper) and Igusa (dried rush leaves) around a bamboo stick that is later removed to create a hollow center generates a soft and tall flame, flickering gently without wind. Pair with OMORI WAROSOKU's CAST IRON CANDLE HOLDERS.

Approximate Burn Time:
4.7" / 12 cm: 90 min
5.5" / 14 cm: 120 min
6.7" / 17 cm: 150 min
7" / 18 cm: 240 min