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Handmade in Kakunodate town in Akita Prefecture, Japan, DENSHIRO has been producing craftware using cherry bark known as "Kabazaiku" since 1851. Family-owned for six generations, these tea spoons are made of wild cherry bark using traditional techniques that remain unchanged to this day. Kabazaiku is a sustainable process that allows the mountain cherry trees to regenerate their barks naturally after harvesting, and is an artisanal craft that has been handed down only in Akita, and nowhere else in the world. Pair with DENSHIRO's CHERRY BARK TEA LEAF CANISTER.

1.2" W x 3.4" L
3 cm W x 8.7 cm L

Dishwasher ×   
Microwave ×
Oven ×

  • Use only for its intended purpose
  • Do not wash and keep away from moisture 
  • Do not store in the refrigerator 
  • Keep away from direct sunlight 
  • Clean with a soft cloth (preferably lens cloth) by gently wiping along the direction of the wood grains