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Made of breathable Iga clay sourced in Mie Prefecture, the Kamadosan donabe rice cooker ensures that the rice is cooked fluffy and shiny every time. Using freshwater soil from the stratum that once formed the bed of old Lake Biwa over 400 million years ago, Iga clay contains a lot of carbonized organic plant matter that becomes porous when fired. These naturally formed pores store heat well, allowing the food to cook slowly to the core without losing its flavor. The double lid acts as a pressure cooker, preventing potential spills from boil-overs. With its exceptional heat retention properties, the Kamadosan keeps your rice warm and fluffy even after removing it from the stovetop. From boiling, baking, steaming, to roasting, this Iga earthenware is a must-have addition to your kitchen. Besides making flawless rice, Kamadosan is also great for cooking your favorite stew, soup, and hotpots. Includes a stone trivet and a wooden shamoji (spatula). Cooks 3 go (cups) of rice.

9.5" DIA x 7.25" H
24 cm DIA x 18 cm H

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Dishwasher ×
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  • Handwash with a soft sponge and wipe dry
  • Air dry the pot upside down before storing to prevent the clay from absorbing moisture
  • Do not wash with abrasive cleaning products
Before first time use, we recommend seasoning your donabe. The process is called "Medome," and it extends the life of the pot by sealing all the tiny pores, preventing possible cracks and leaks.   
  • Wash the donabe and dry well with the bottom side facing up
  • Fill the pot with 8 parts water and a bowl of left over rice
  • Stir to loosen the rice and cook slowly over low heat until it thickens
  • After making a very pasty porridge, turn off the heat and allow the pot to cool down (for more than an hour)
  • Remove the porridge and rinse well (the porridge is edible)