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Designed by Sori Yanagi, a Japanese industrial designer renowned for his simple and practical products ranging from furniture to kitchenware. As the son of the founder of the Mingei movement, Sori's designs were drawn from the aesthetics of Japanese folk crafts; finding beauty in the everyday objects made by unknown artists, focusing on using natural and local resources, traditional techniques and methods, and handmade production. Produced in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, a small town known for cutlery and steel manufacturing, the colander works with Sori Yanagi's Stainless Deep Pan. Made of 18-8 stainless steel, the colander is lightweight and durable. The fine mesh is easy to clean and drains water well while keeping food from slipping through. The handles are made of phenolic resin that does not get hot and provides a firm grip. From boiling pasta to vegetables and seafood like crab and lobster, this deep pan is versatile to cover a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. Pair with Sori Yanagi's STAINLESS DEEP PAN WITH LID to use as a pasta pan. Features a matte finish that make stains and scratches less visible.

8.75" DIA x 6.25" H
22 cm DIA x 15.9 cm 

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