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Designed by TENT, a small design office in Tokyo and manufactured by Fujita Metal MFG, a small town factory in Osaka, the JIU iron pan is a multipurpose pan that functions as a frying pan and a serving plate. Made of 1.6mm thick mill scale steel, the pan cooks moist and juicy meat, crunchy vegetables, and crusty toast or bread with soft centers, and keeps the food warm. Highly rust and stick resistant due to an original tempering process, the iron pan is easy to care for and ready to use after purchase. Recommend to use with JIU's removable WOODEN HANDLE and FELT TRIVET COASTER

(Handle sold separately)

10.2" DIA x 2.8" H
26 cm DIA x 7 cm H

IH Stove 
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  • After rinsing with warm water while the pan is still warm, place over a gentle flame and let the water dry completely (dish soap not recommended)
  • Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the pan and wipe thoroughly with a paper towel
  • Do not let it soak in water for long periods of time 
  • Do not store food on the pan (especially acidic and salty food) as it may cause rusting
  • Handle with care as ironware are heavy
  • Use oven mitts or JIU wooden handles when handling hot pan
  • Using cleansers and metal scrubbers may cause peeling
  • Wooden cooking tools are recommended to prevent scratching